purple hedgehogs
Posted by Auds
23rd Dec 2012

its weird writing a blog that doesnt rhyme
In truth i am just testing this idea of keeping a blog again.
does my mind have too much going on?
Maybe i should talk about the 21st of december. I dont do xmas day as i am sure you do. I celebrate the solistice the coming of the sun even if its only seconds. knowing that in two months there may be something flowery i can buy in a garden centre.
i dont do xmas mostly because i am not religious.

I updated my facebook with.
'fantastic company, many wonderful pressies, lots of food, a pudding with cat prints on it, hysterical laughter due to a farting incident , a great deal of cheating at a board game and the loss of one very small yellow tiddlywink. All in all a GREAT YULE'

Again my friends laugh at me. I make people laugh not because i am like that but more because i want to.
most of them think i am bonkers. but a nice kind of bonkers.

My mum who i must tell you will probally be a lot on this blog has had a knee op. I have been caring for her. she is getting there. My friend know of my mum. not met her but know her from me. In fact many send her silly gifts because she is my inspiration to keep going.

I also dont get on with my sister. no thats wrong, she doesnt get on with me. I dont blame her because i am bonkers.

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