Notes Towards The Voyage From Me To You
Posted by John Garth Raubenheimer
20th Dec 2012

Having three jobs, albeit all part-time, can mean a lot of Christmas parties and in fact, we had two just last week. Add to work parties, the parties organised by church and friends, and you have a lot of Christmas cheer.

There is still talk of the Christmas day when I went to work the afternoon after a Christmas dinner with friends and found a second Christmas dinner waiting. To refuse my share after all the work everyone had put in would have been unfathomly rude. I stuffed myself on the second dinner until I could hardly walk. Needless to say, I have been careful about Christmas day invitations since then.

This is the time for being grateful for friends, particularly work friends who have accepted me lock, stock and barrel with my "sensitive" past. I AM grateful and I lift my Christmas hat to them.

Warm Christmas wishes to them, and to you all.

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