Notes Towards The Voyage From Me To You
Posted by John Garth Raubenheimer
28th Nov 2012

As has happened before, having posted my piece "The Moment Of Truth" in MY STORY, I am struck by the comedy of it all. Was that me? Did that really happen? The answer is yes. I have remembered it faithfully. I was that poor fellow.

(And that small dream is still around. Hungry to take a bite out of me.)

But it's not your mind that's at stake, I want to tell him, poor fool. It's your heart, which still remembers the people with you, that long-ago night... Jesus loves and will always support, that perceptive heart... It's that that he wants to see grow BIGGER, not your mental capacity.

I am praying to God, to Jesus, to the Holy Spirit, that The Voyage From Me To You, my reading and storytelling evening, takes off, touches hearts, and opens pockets for SANE. Thanks for reading this.
Always.. John.

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