Connotations of self harm
Posted by alicebeesley
21st Nov 2012

Something that truly bothers me is everybody's perception of self harm. I think, in realism, the only way you will ever truly understand what it means and what it takes to self harm is if you experience it yourself. I learned that the hard way. But I despise the way people think of it and I wish there was a way to change these preconceptions.

The main judgements are usually that if you self harm, you're an "emo" (such a stupid term), you're attention seeking, or you're just plain crazy.

People certainly don't realise the pain a person has to be in to take to their own body like that. I remember when my parents found out I self harmed and my dad asked "but doesn't it hurt?" Yes. Yes of course it hurts. Does that not clarify it for people? No one drags a blade across their skin, burns themselves or puts themselves in pain on purpose for a bit of fun, I'm sure.

I wish the subject weren't so taboo and that you could speak openly about it. I know that there really aren't any support groups for this sort of thing in my area, yet it is a problem people struggle with so much but it's not something they will speak up about to a doctor. Mental illness is so misunderstood and it truly stresses me out because how are we ever to recover when people are throwing judgements in our faces?

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