Feel so low
Posted by Cork
22nd Oct 2012

I'm new to this but hope it will help me get through this black fog. I have suffered depression and anxiet for last 7 years but the last two years it has lasted longer. Where as before I had more better months than bad.
I am a nurse which makes things even harder cos of the responsibility, I find it hard to concentrate and feel such a fake I qualified 8 years ago during which my husband suffered cancer and then passed away. I want to get out of nursing but suffering depression takes my confidence away and I cannot deal with decisions.
I am withdrawing from my friends and just want to hide. I have tried different meds, and nothing seems to last I on Venlafaxine at moment started 2 weeks ago. When I feel we'll is like a light has been switched back on. I can talk to people and my confidence is back. So hard to motivate myself and feel like my life is passing by. Can anything help?

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