Looking from the inside out ....
Posted by amyc
6th Oct 2012

I'm 22 and have spent the last five years in psychiatric hospital. I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and PTSD primarily with queried Bipolar. I am a fun bubbly girl who likes to make others happy and look after everyone but herself. I am however very troubled, this stems from being sexually abused for three years when I was ten. The way I see things is that things happen for a reason and things will work out in the end but things are not working out right now. I have just been put back on a section three which means I can be legally detained in hospital for up to six months.

I am in a specialist borderline personality disorder service inpatient unit in Ealing in London. It is OK here very boundaried but not awful. The worst thing is the food and the boredom during down time. I am determined to get better this time, I have been here before. In fact I was only recently discharged but after a catastrophic downfall post discharge I have been readmitted here as an emergency yesterday.

I have started this blog to document my journey as a way to share with others the ups and downs of borderline and a way of helping myself through as for me writing is a good expression of how I feel.

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