National Poetry Day
Posted by PurpleMoonbeam
4th Oct 2012

Its National Poetry Day today, so I thought it would be nice to share one of my poems with the the SANE community. I have written a fair few poems over the years, but I have never shared them in written form with anyone before now, so today is a good day to start!

I find writing poems an interesting way to express my creativity and makes a refreshing change from other forms of writing and artistic expression. Sometimes the first line to a poem just pops into my head and it then repeats itself over and over relentlessly until I take the hint from the voice in my head and sit down to write. When I do this, I find the poem flows quite easily out of the pen. Sometimes I choose to write a poem but have no clue what to write about!

But, I have found a technique that works: I sit with very soft background music and a lit candle. I stare at the candle for a few minutes being aware of only my breathing and the flickering of the flame. After a few minutes I close my eyes and can still see the candle imprinted in my inner eyes. Now I let my mind open up and allow thoughts to wander. After a few minutes I sit with a blank piece of paper and start ‘free writing’ – that is allowing my mind to relax and just allow words to flow out of the pen without any conscious thought. I then review what I have written and use this as a topic for a poem and then allow my imagination to structure the poem. Once the structure is in place, I then think about grammar, flow and rhyme and tweak about until I am happy.

So here goes, for the first time in print; a poem I prepared earlier!


Empty, black and dark.
No sight, sound nor mark.
Just never ending gloom,
In a silent tomb.

A wink of heaven, a ray of light
Uncovers a bird in flight.
He calls out in glee
And announces another day to be.

The world awakens from its sleep,
While the other world sleeps deep.
Nature opens a tiny eye
To admire todays new sky.

A voice sings out, solitary, alone.
The worker bees begin to drone.
One by one, nature joins in
To makes its own beautiful din.

Alas, it is seen or heard by none.
When the human world awakes, beauty has gone.
The sun is blackened by exhaust fumes.
The song drowned out by radios in rooms.
Beauty overlooked by bleary eyes,
Deaf ears miss the bird’s cries.

The other world now awakened, empty, hollow
As days passed and days to follow,
Shall always bear the mark –
Empty, Black and Dark.

Wow, I am absolutely shaking, my fingers trembled all the while I was typing this – I have no idea why, but I have butterflies and shakes right now. I hope you enjoyed my poem about the beauty of nature!

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