Acceptance both Socially n' Phisically
Posted by timeforchange67
30th Sep 2012

My life is very public in certain areas. I would like to see ALL folk, both Male n Female that suffer from mental illness, longterm suffered, from Childhood to Adulthood, to get together, grasp a bond between each other within there local areas of living/residence. Learn to know each other, plus, I hope, find physical effection/love with each other.

I really don't do embarrassed, simply through time, years and aging, hell, I am 45 years old. What I am blogging here is a massive gamble/step, as it is linked to my Business Address. So why am I doing this, you may ask, because my personnel reputation has been stripped, I am constantly laughed at, sworn about, n, yes have been spat at, although many years ago. I am on my own after aged 45 years 'still'. Of late had good self employed business, n, yes, you are more than capable of achieving what I have, whether through talent or "pure drive", determination. DISABLED FOLK MAKE THE MOST DEVOTED WORKERS/employed or self employed, whether physical/mental disability.

I will help ANYONE within our 'ethos' both mental or physical. All I ask in return is where ever you live, get together, build groups, meet socially, live life. I know our lives are different, I am fed up of trying to fit in within so called normal society. There are lots of folk out there like us, just begging to be 'included', so why don't we all make that happen!

My name is Brian Turk, I live in Giltbrook, Nottingham, I would grasp the chance of meeting more 'odd-balls' like myself, ladies and lads. Remember:

TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN!. lol Brian Billy Turk
in memory of my dad, "Raymond Peter Davey", RIP, 4th Oct, 2008, 4:40am.
Bless you pops, hard disciplinarian, but, I have your 'true grit', which in turn I hope to help others.

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