Sixth sense schizophrenia
Posted by ladybard1968
2nd Sep 2012

I possess what I call my ‘sixth sense’. The psychiatry department keep mistakenly reporting that I suffer from visual and auditory hallucinations. This is not true. These ‘delusions’ as the psychiatric department call them I see them with my ‘sixth sense’ rather than my eyes and ears.
Do you dream at night? Do you remember your dreams? If so you are seeing them with your sixth sense not your eyes and ears. Think about the voices and visions you experience during the day. Do you see them through your eyes and ears or with your sixth sense?
What I am not sure about weather a sixth sense is extra sensory perception or an over active imagination. I am not as sure as these psychiatrists that telepathic aliens do not exist. I am not as sure as these psychiatrists that there is no such thing as life after death. However I concede my voices and visions could be the result of a hyper imagination. I believe this sixth sense is inherited although it can skip generations. I strongly question the psychiatric perception that it makes you a danger to yourself and other people.
Famous psychics do not drift down society until they end up as tramps on the street. It is only people who have been caught and labelled by a psychiatrist that this happens to. It is possible that I have an eye that sees into another dimension and spirit plane? Off course psychiatrists would dismiss this as delusional nonsense. I would question the judgement of giving mad scientists who will have none of anything that can’t be explained such power over deciding who is and is not fit to live within society. They will section anybody who in any way shakes or breaks the rules of normality. For normal read; quite and reserved atheists who are obsessed with appearances and sex.
Psychiatrists know they cannot cure schizophrenia. They pretend that their drugs help ‘Manage’ the condition. This is why it is very difficult to get out of the psychiatric system once you have been pulled in. What they will not accept is that people with this condition can live a perfectly normal, happy and safe life without their interference. They are so focused on trying to make people “normal” they forget that people would like to have a life. They do not see people they have diagnosed as people with normal emotions and normal ambitions in life. They mistakenly think most people are so desperate to find a cure that they don’t mind spending their whole life being dragged in and out of hospital.
Night dreams even nightmares are supposed to help you cope and understand things that are happening to you during the day. I believe voices and visions have the same purpose, When I have read autobiographies on the chipmunka publishing web sight the visions or apparitions or ‘delusions’ as psychiatrists would have it, seem to be trying to impart some sort of lesson or truths. This is why I think people should engage with their voices and not ignore them.
Ever since being a child, instinctively I have thought back to my voices. I suspect my mother had the condition. I used to catch her talking to her self and she would jump out of her skin and start making excuses that she was ‘practising’ telling someone off. If I talked to her about my voices she went hysterical saying that they (the doctors) would lock me up me up for life if anybody found out about them.
Thus I discussed with no one the voices in my head and thought back to them silently. I was first admitted to psychiatric hospital when somebody spiked my drink in a pub. I went catatonic and my parents took me to the doctors they thought I had taken drugs, (which was true somebody had spiked my drink). I stupidly signed myself in to the psychiatric ward. Stupidly I started discussing my voices with psychiatrists and staff. I have now come to the conclusion that the only reason psychiatric staff even listen to you is so they can collate evidence to use against you in future tribunals. Not once has anybody come out with any helpful advice to help me understand the meaning off my voices and visions. I have had to learn to cope with them myself. You have to learn to help yourself.
My mother was right you should keep your voices and visions to yourself. These psychiatrists have no intention of actually helping you with them. They just use what you tell them as ‘evidence’ why you need to be detained in hospital or held on a community treatment order. Why you need forcibly injecting with dopamine blocker against your will. If you want to talk about your voices, you’re better to join a voice hearing group. Other voice hearers can help you more than the psychiatric department can. If you just want someone to listen you can ring sane line or the Samaritans. You can find there numbers in the front pages of your local phone book. Alternatively you can try your local spiritualist church.

Taken from "Hearing voices handbook by Amanda Maclachlan" £1.95 from kindle

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