Hearing Voices Handbook
Posted by ladybard1968
2nd Sep 2012

I sometimes think writing is all I live for. I have finished my book Hearing voices handbook and it is available to download via kindle reader for the bargin price of £1.95 . I hope it helps other people to cope with their voices and visions. I know the medication does not help. There is little help available for people diagnosed with schizophrenia.
Spider fairy's diary that I wrote in 2011 when I had a troublesome demon attached to me is also available Off kindle also for the bargin price of £1.95 it is also available in paperback from the feedaread website and should be out on Amazon soon.
I am currently writing an sequel to vampire asylum which I had published with chipmunka publishing. It is fun writing about a vampire. Okay my charactures are a bit eccentric like the psychiatrist who wears a fairy suit. Psychitrists are so sombre and strict as to what constitutes normal behaviour. I wanted to create a psychiatrist who had his own problems. If only psychiatrists were more human.

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