why me
Posted by lovelife
29th Aug 2012

i started this year off with a bang,i went to a friends new year party,normally i would be part of it drinking dancing the usual being part off the fun but something was holding me back,now i know it was my thoughts,the ones that never go to sleep or leave you alone the thoughts that drag you deaper and deaper into that black hole,i was overweight,missrable,feeling awkward and not part of it,i was so glad to go home,but since then ive been on self distruct my thoughts wont leave me alone,i lost control of my life,who i am the whole lot,im on double the amount of meds and i so want to feel human again.i just feel like im going through the motions,the self harming and dark thoughts are always going to be there but theres more to me than this.

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