Christmas Turkey.
Posted by thefamousmred
27th Jul 2012

I have thought many times about getting in touch with sane and today took a look at the site and decided to start, at least by putting my thoughts down in a blog. I was diagnosed with schitzophrenia in 1993 and have lived with the illness ever since. Recently, well just over a year ago now, I became so down about my whole situation that suicide was definately an option that I was considering. I contacted my GP who I have known for a long time and asked to be referred to a phsyciatrist in the hope that I could be helped in some way. I was seen by a phsyciatrist and have had several consultations with her over the past year. We are currently trying different medications to see if any can help. My problem is that I cannot open up to either her or my GP because of the fear of being sectioned. I have thoughts which, if expressed, would, Im sure be a cause for concern and possibly a cause for being taken into hospital. Trouble is, I need to get these thoughts out of my head. Its seems crazy to me that the very people who are supposed to be trying to help you are the same ones that you cannot tell about the full extent of your problems. Its like turkeys voting for Christmas. I wish there was somewhere where I could just talk to someone and tell them the weird things I am thinking without being scared of being sectioned. My head is buzzing constantly and I just wish it would stop for a few minutes and let me think.

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