The lack of understanding
Posted by zoehallel
23rd Jul 2012

In my life i have come across people who have truly made me feel life has no real sense of meaning, where as others have had such old fashioned beliefs to even realise mental health is actually a very serious illness that have very physical effects where people suffer tremendously, yet people often assume mental illness equals a weak or mad person but this is far from the truth, any person from any background, whether strong minded or physically hard can be effected cos we all have a mind and emotions. The Worlds strongest/largest man or woman can become effected by mental illness and obviously thats proven with all the soldiers in the army which are suffering with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

So why doesnt everyone treat this problem as if its as important as any other physical illness?

Maybe there will always be narrow minded/judgemental people that will never understand till they have there own personal experience of it, we all learn different lessons in life and all get hurdles thrown at us. But what i do know is the awareness of mental health is growing and in this day and age i really hope the naivety of people will become a thing of the past, cos this effects so many peoples lifes, its the same sort of naivety in "if i dont see it then i dont believe it". There is such a BIG difference between someone suffering with mental health problems and someone thats mad. So please dont sterotype and stop living with the stigma its 2012.


By Zoe Hallel

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