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30th Mar 2012

Hi, to anybody that reads this article.

It's late, I am a 45 yr bloke, want to get message out there that young male guys that are withdrawn, maybe "introverted".. Hey WE'RE NOT ALL MONSTERS. This will be a short blog, but to follow at later date will be an in-depth article to dispell the fear/ephoss that comes from media, employee scepticism that quiet/introverted blokes, yes they have no physical relationship, look anxious, nervous and have bulging eyes, probably thin as a rake, BUT brilliant at there work!!. These guys see deeper, care more, have greater senses than your average bloke, I know, coz I am one. To end, if you have a guy like this in your work place, DON'T BULLY HIM, if you are his manager, DON'T single him out as an ODD BALL, take him under your wing, nurture his assests, give him support to GROW outside of himself.., after all you have a guy there that will be A GREAT ASSET/WORKER, who has a mind that is far BIGGER than your other employees. LIKE I SAY, I KNOW, COZ I WAS THAT "internal" minded guy. BUT I got STAMPED out of my job n had massive BREAKDOWN, which, too be honest could have been avoided and in todays workforce, should be avoided, hell MY COLLEAGUES NEW me for 11 n half years. Watch this space, coz I will be back, when awake, sober, n, ready to fight back for ALL QUIET, INTROVERTED, YOUNG MALE ADULTS!!

Regards Brian67

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