"The Hole"
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19th Mar 2012

The Hole

I'm here again,
Digging deeper and deeper,
And the deeper I dig,
The less people can reach me.

I'm burrowing down,
Their voices get weaker,
Self loathing kicks in.
Habit? I'm a creature.

Gazing upwards I see
Despair eclipsing the sun,
Leaving polluted darkness.
And me.
And my gun.

And I would pull that trigger.
But my hand trembles so.
I can't stand to be here,
But I can't bear to let go.

Guilt seeps through the cracks,
Loneliness fills the holes,
I'm choking,
I'm drowning,
Amidst the lost souls.

But I like it down here.
I know it so well.
Nobody can see.
It's my own private hell.

So I pick up my shovel,
And continue the curse,
'Cause at least when I'm digging,
I feel I've got worth.


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