Charlotte: A poem about my twin sister
Posted by SANE
29th Sep 2021

A poem about my twin sister

By Samantha Crilly


When I was dragged into the depths of hell

My sister jumped in after me and we both fell.

Grabbing my hand as we hit the ground

She pulled me to my feet as we both looked around.

I could see the fear seeping from her eyes 

As I began to turn into a moste she no longer recognised.

Imprisoned in a place so cold and hollow,

She had the gateway to turn back but she would always follow.

Protecting me was something she was determined to do -

She just kept repeating the words 'I will never leave you'.

She didn't. She stayed by my side all the way through 

Even when I was too blind to say 'thank you'.

Not once has she blamed me for bringing her to such a dark place, 

Not once did she throw back any of her losses in my face. 

I wanted to write this poem for carers, siblings and friends

Who often get forgotten until the horror ends.

Every sufferer is thankful and really does love you - 

They are just riddled with an illness that doesn't trust you,

But when your loved ones come back into the light

Your bond will be unbreakable and will shine the brightest of 



Dedicated to my beautiful twin sister x



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