Rapid Cycling Bipolar???
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18th Mar 2012

Im non religion but do believe that life is ruled by fate & destiny,to a degree,we follow the map thats predetermined,im startin to think could my destiny be to always be the fate for others to reach their destiny,i seem to be constantly the stepping stone that people adhere to for a while before they move onto happiness,i hate how my mind doesnt seem to work as others,the daily battles,the way my life is conditioned,the fact that i hate the way i am yet argue with myself that its how i want to live,i choose it and could change it if i wanted,but im not too sure that i could,i dont know why im the way i am and struggle to believe i have a mental illness,yet i do recognise some of the behaviours in some bipolar diagnosed people,but maybe i recognise thm because they arent bipolar behaviours but just normal.After years of misdiagnosis and the a clinical diagnosis of bipolar,in order to admit to people and speak about my diagnosis i had to accept that there diagnosis was wrong,that way peoples judgements on me didnt count because they where judging on something that didnt exist,but i do need the prescribed meds to help me and i do have a history of mental issues so why couldnt i have bipolar,,because surely if i did id know :/ x
I was prescribed my first anti-depressant at age 15,after 13 year of various professionals,gps etc & loosing a lot of my life to my mental health i was clinically diagnosed as rapid cycling bipolar with a number of symptoms

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