Posted by dawn1510
5th Mar 2012

A hard and long road to be on with lots of twists and bends, the bends being dead ends, that's when life becomes more difficult as that's just another door slamming shut. Out of the dark and into the light as something remarkable shows it's face, it's your inner self reminding you of all the talks you have for years with your best friend( your councilor) the voices are load and clear, then you get it! the only person who can help you is yourself. How many times do we hear this silly of the cuff remark, but it's so true, for those who have not suffered in the our illness this remark is not helpful at the time..How can we help ourselves feeling the way we do, i had many a disagreement with my councilor and then years later held my head in shame , i had to go and say I'm so sorry but your right. I danced for joy, held my hands in my head and told myself how did you not get it...The most amazing gift i have now is the knowledge and confidence to help myself and not rely on others for the answers i long searched for..I now realize that what we eat helps with depression and those missed lunches are just what depression loves, it lay's in wait to grab us and get into our nervous system were it can do the job it doe's best, i see the signs and run now to the nearest sandwich shop (phew). Now i have the tools i use them in my every day life, the best one that works for me is not to have to many people around me at the same time, well i mean time wasters as they drain my resources and just make complications, making there problems a burden. I have taught myself to say no, mean no, i say openly without feeling guilty " i cant do anything this week as i have a lot on that needs my full attention". If your friends except your valid reason they will understand and if not they are not true friends...easy... I hope my blog makes sense, i hope this helps in some way for you to help yourself, the rewards are plenty and the recovery positive. No more roads with dead ends and certainly no going round in circle's meeting yourselves coming back, keep focused and find your inner friend....

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