A Carers Catch 22 response
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25th Feb 2012

Have just joined this community and would like to make a heartfelt response to the story by Felixstowes. We have a son who was diagnosed with ADHD at 13. By this time, unbeknown to us, he had started using cannabis and the situation went from bad to worse. He is now almost 25, and still being treated for psychosis, but we are frustrated that his CPN will not discuss his situation with us. As with Felixstowes' wife, we know that our son is not honest with the 'medics', but we are not allowed to talk to them. Carers desperately need to be able to discuss their concerns with the professional who is helping their loved one, and the doctors need to know how the patient is presenting in the family context. A way simply MUST be found to get round the confidentiality issue, and then extra time and money spent on supporting the carer in their role. I would urge all supporters who feel the same to contact SANE to see if we can begin a campaign for change. Maybe SANE would run a seperate forum for carers with similar issues? The current lack of support is increasing the risk of mental health breakdown in the relatives who bear the burden of care in such impossible situations. My heart goes out to all the Felixstowes.

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