Posted by cwmd1
22nd Nov 2020

I think itís ok to say that this year, no matter who we are, or where we are, or what our back ground is we are finding things tough. They may not be the same things, but in some way or another things for all of us have been a struggle this year.

I have tried so hard not to admit that though to myself and Iíve only just realised that. Outwardly, when having a chat we tend to say ďArenít these crazy times?Ē Or ďI know, things are just so awful these daysĒ. But inwardly, I have tried so hard to fight against how Iím really feeling. That yes, I am struggling with it all.

I suppose even though I know it doesnít work, I have been trying to fight admitting these feelings to myself because I thought if I keep dismissing them they will eventually go away. And I have tried everything. Drinking plenty of water, exercising, eating healthy, eating junk to feel better (really didnít help. Just made me feel really bloated, over full and yuk. I wouldnít recommend it!) listening to positive podcasts, music. But something was still missing.

It may sound daft but I was scared to admit to myself that I was struggling. I was scared that if I did, the feelings of struggling would almost consume me. Like I was giving into it. But it didnít consume me. It made me feel really proper tired, so for the first time in ages I didnít fight my feelings. I listened to them, and had an early night.

Iíve woken up the next day, not consumed, but instead by an overwhelming feeling of relief that I have actually been honest with me and have listened to myself.

Paying real attention to how you are feeling, and what is best for you is not selfish, not self obsessed or self indulgent. It is a necessity. We need to take real honest care of ourselves, so we are able to be the best version for us and we can be there for others.

So yes, these times are a real struggle, they are tough buts itís ok to admit it. Itís going to be ok.

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