Self-Esteem Machine
Posted by growselfesteem
8th Nov 2020

Dr. Nathaniel Brandon's famous book "The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem" was a lifesaver for me to finally begin to understand how to cultivate my own sense of self-respect and self-efficacy.

For anyone unfamiliar, the 6 Pillars of Self Esteem are:

- The Practice of Living Consciously
- The Practice of Self-Acceptance
- The Practice of Self-Assertiveness
- The Practice of Self-Responsibility
- The Practice of Living Purposefully
- The Practice of Personal Integrity

The book talks about the daily habits and actions we take that contribute to these pillars of self-esteem and how they work interchangeably to prop each other up.

Since reading this book, one of the biggest eye opener's what the concept of "congruence".

When our values are exercised by the actions we take, we are living in congruence with our beliefs and a consequence greater self-esteem.

I created this post because if just one person out there has not read this book, and this is your first time hearing it's title, please pick up a copy.

It really does make sense of the chaos.

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