Stay Strong
Posted by ShannenNight
20th Feb 2012

Itís hard to accept yourself when youíre everything you hoped not to become. When youíre everything your parents told you not to turn out to be. People donít look for the good inside of you anymore. They simply judge you on your external defence. Nothing more.

The realism of today is distressing. You canít be at ease with who you are or rather, who you will develop into. Let alone live with a mental illness. It saddens me that people are so immediate to judge. I once read a quote that said ĎItís your God. There your rules.í If I was to put this quote into perspective I would say my doctors are my God. They foretell my near future and they hold all the answers. But when does a thought become a symptom? And does the diagnosis become a rule rather than a name?

My doctor once told me that everything I was running away from was inside my head. Is this the case for everyone of us? I believe it to be. Why are those of us suffering from ill health put so quickly into a box and when diagnosed judged so powerfully? Youíre still the same person you was and you always will be.

You canít cheat your soul. There is no space for you to fill your soul with demons. Your soul will always bring you back to who you really are and who you were always meant to be. If not in this life, than the next.
The devil follows each and every one of us. Itís not letting him in and turning you into someone who you are not; which then brings the wounds into your life. Itís him you cannot escape. Something bad happens to every single one of us. Itís inevitable. Itís learning how to cope with him, thatís the medicine.

For me, to be able to cope and understand my illness I must use metaphors. So I see my illness as the devil following me. And my recovery is my way of blocking him out. Becoming a stronger more resilient person.
I believe that you can overcome your devil. Stay strong, youíre not alone when youíre with SANE.

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