Excerpt #1 from Samantha Crilly's 'Hope through Poetry' - An Unwanted Intruder
Posted by SANE
8th Oct 2020

An Unwanted Intruder 

By Samantha Crilly


I lay there asleep, in peace on my bed

Avoiding waking to confront the demon in my head

Losing myself in my beautiful dreams

Feeling free, well, for what it seems

I wake and feel the constraint around me

Face to face with the monster that has found me

Reeling out a list of rules I should follow

Each with a meaning that seems so hollow

But as I do one, it makes me do more

If I ever missed one, it would yell as it saw

I obeyed every rule, scared of upsetting it

It knew it could own me, and I was letting it

Drained and tired from doing what it desired

I was the personal slave it had hired

So consumed in the rituals I had to do

I was losing everything else that once was true

My freedom was jailed

Imprisoned in a hell I hailed

Watching my loved ones fall apart beside me

It was time I set light to the fire inside me

This presence was my enemy, not my friend

And a relationship that I needed to end

I burnt my bridges and cut my ties

I ripped it apart and said my Goodbyes

I have the freedom now to live my life and be free

But over my shoulder, it’s always watching me

Its shadow lingers at a distance

And whispers to me in its persistence

But I stand strong, you will stay a ghost, and I will walk past your existence.



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