Bipolar way of mind
Posted by ShannenNight
18th Feb 2012

I compare myself to everyone,
Everything I do, is me trying to better myself,
It never works.
Nobody can hurt me on the inside,
Whatever they say, I already know,
I don't hide myself from the truth,
I understand that what I am is what I am.
I've known nothing but shadows,
Only bad luck and failed expectations,
I seem to stand out from other people,
Not in the way that I'd wish,
Everyone looks, everyone stares,
What is she doing? They think.
My heart is so tired,
My head is full of plans,
Dreams of love and life,
No control or reason,
Thoughts beyond description.
No worries other than self,
Quite seasons,
Sensitive to others.
Fame, no fortune,
Two people in one,
Alien and human,
Someone people forget easy.
you can replace me in a second,
I'm not a stain glass woman,
No intricate work is within me,
Just plane glass,

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