Darkness Shines Through, a poem by Philip Skayman
Posted by SANE
9th Sep 2020
Darkness Shines Through

I have always felt driven to become the man I wanted to be but at times struggled to be the man I should be

I have seen light in dark places and felt the dark even at times when the light was shining through

Others may portray me from the outside as a force of strength but inwardly the cracks widen

The laughs the banter the jokes but my inner clown shows tears of desperation and not of laughter 

Your opinions are mostly positive with kind intent, but I and only I can fight these dark feelings of hoplelessness 

Will I be victorious and eventually overcome this silent darkness,or will it eventually be all encompassing where the light shines no more 


Philip Skayman 

Copyrighted 31/08/2020

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