There is hope
Posted by Funkie1
20th Jul 2020

I use to be a regular contributor but it has been years. I looked for help these last couple of years but none was available. My depression got the best of me and I retreated from the world. I stayed in my room for weeks and was totally hopeless. I experienced some major trauma and it sent me not a very dark place. My primary care doctor suggested I try a on-line site that matches you up with a Therapist based on your specific needs.
I was very skeptical at first. My Therapist practices Cognitive Therapy. It was something new to me. We have our virtual appointment once a week although we keep in contact almost every day. He also diagnosed me with PTSD because of all the trauma I have experienced in my 62 years of life. I started writing in my on-line
Journal everyday. I also started to do “homework.” The program is based on experience with Military Personnel.
For the first time in a very, very long time I am feeling more positive. Other people have noticed the change in me but most importantly I feel a difference! I have examined every part of my past and present. I was able to select my biggest trauma and delve into it. I feel lighter. It has only been about 6 weeks and there is more work ahead of me but I feel hopeful for the first time.

There is more help out there now and many sites to choose from. I am in the U.S. so I don’t know about what is available in the U.K. But I use Remember there is help and it’s never too late. If I can do this at 62 anyone can do it!

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