The Past, The Present, The Future...
Posted by isabelledefrance
1st Feb 2012

The Past was hard, the past was sometimes unbearable
The Past evokes pain and sadness
The Past is what defined the person I am today.

but The Past is also meeting some amazing people
The Past is also meeting the Person who still stands by me today
The Past is also the bringing into this world of two amazing human beings

One should not dwell on the pain of The Past
One should not let the the sad memories of The Past take over
But on should let the beauty of The Past be a reminder of the the reason for still Being.

The Difficult and Distant Past may have acted as a catalyst for The Present
The painful Past may have define who I am to today
The Past, beautiful and gut wrenching, are there, exist and cannot be changed.

but The Present is the time to change
The Present is the time to focus
The Present is the time to become aware.

The Present it Now
The Present is when we need to become who we want to be
The Present, for those who have suffered in The Past, is the time to redefine who we are

The Present enables us in the Here and Now
To overcome our hardships, conquer our demons, let the world know that we are once amongst the Living
The Present is to be cherished

The Present doesn't enable us to change our Past
But is there to define our Future.
By making the Present something special every day

The Present is to be cherished.
By enjoying The Present
We are able to change our Future

The Future is our Hope
The Future are the hours, weeks, days, months and years
that can be what we want them to be

The Future can be bright,
Forget the Past that made us not want a Future
The Future is what we make of the Present.

The Past is Past
But the Present and the Future will gradually become Past
And so we need to make sure that The Present and Future are how we want them to be.

We need to ensure that we are in charge of the Present and Future
We need to try and make our Present and Future worth our while,
We need to conquer our demons, conquer our minds body and souls.

We can redefine who we are in the Future
But also stay true to who parts of us are.
We need to do away with our flaws and retain our qualities

We need to ensure that The Past of our children and other future generations is Blissful
We need to let Compassion be in charge of our emotions and define Raison D'Etre.
The past of future Beings will be defined by our present, by our Future.

Banish the Demons, Do what is necessary to be on Top of the World
Family, Friends, all are part of who we are, Past, Present, Future
But more importantly, we as individual are the future, the writers and designers of what is to come.

So Let us be happy, blissful, content, and enjoy life
enjoy the Present. written by little me (or rather big me) a couple of days ago when I needed to remind myself of the sunny part of my life to get rid of Black Dog barking at the door x

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