Poem about Loneliness
Posted by CPR22
4th Jul 2020

I really need a friend right now
I feel so alone and lonely
I donít feel well. I feel so ill
If only God ... if only ...

... If only I had a real, good friend
To help me when Iím down
If only I had a Ďsomeoneí ...
To help turn my life around

I need someone to help me
Iím struggling day in and day out
I want to do so much with my life
But this emptiness makes me doubt

I doubt myself first and foremost
I doubt that I am a friend
I question myself every single day
My questioning never ends

Do you know what itís like to feel lonely?
Do you wake up and cry and feel sad?
Do you know what itís like to feel life ainít worth living?
Is loneliness driving you mad?

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