Revealing The True Colours Of My Family
Posted by flowerstar
19th Jun 2020

Day after day, my abusive and toxic family continues to mentally, emotionally, verbally and physically abuse me. My mum recently smacked me on my bum or on one of the sides of my body when I still gave my family the silent treatment.

My baby sister still repeatedly stooped so low to say I'm useless, I have no friends, I have no colleagues, I've been blacklisted by so-called, fake, unprofessional "video game journalists", I'm a waste of space, I waste food, water and so forth etc. She also keeps saying I continue to lie and I've been abusing her and my mum when in reality, they're the ones that are doing the abusing since the dawn of time. She even doesn't acknowledge me as her sister anymore, especially during every dinner when she refuses to leave some food for me in spite she's not the one who cooks the food. This is one of the many reasons why I hate sitting at a table with my toxic and abusive family. Like I care, I pretty much disowned the whole family when they either refuse to understand me as a person or don't bother to understand me as a person. To make matters worse, my younger sister is in violation of my privacy and my personal space. She keeps stalking me on the internet as if she's not letting me to do what I want on the internet, including going on social media and writing mental health articles. My mum didn't do a single thing from talking down on me and belittling me. Domestic abuse doesn't just apply to married or date couples, it also applies to families.

To add salt to the wound, my parents refuse to let me live with my friend. This goes to show they are definitely controlling my life. It doesn't help matters much when they don't trust my friend. Whatever happened to "you are an adult now, I can do whatever I want"? I'm thinking of waiting until my dad moves to a retirement home and then I'll move in with my friend. The main reasons why I want to live with my friend is I don't want to live alone and I have no intention in living in my dad's soon-to-be old flat. Besides, my parents can't live forever. How long can they "take care" of me? Once they are deceased in the future, they can no longer "take care" of me and control my life. The YouTuber, Square Eyed Jak, make living alone look so easy. But he is inspirational in terms of he moved out because of a toxic environment. I can't deny I'm a bit jealous of his new apartment, though. It looked so sleek, new and modern (and maybe expensive too).

Yet again, my little sister still continues to threaten to kick me out of the house. She even tried to force me out of the house despite I didn't pack up all or most of my things yet. On 19th June, she still keeps throwing verbal, mental and emotional abuse towards me, grumbling and complaining about me still giving my father the silent treatment while he helped me with moving my belongings from my current home to his flat.

Moving away from my toxic and abusive mum and baby sister may be scary but at the same time, it's for the best so my mind can finally go on a road to recovery and I can no longer live in fear. It's a matter of if, not when mind can recover mentally or not.

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