Posted by cwmd1
6th Jun 2020

I used to write and send blogs here to Sane UK but I got ill, had a bit of a rough year last year and lost motivation in so much. The feeling to start writing again grew but it also felt daunting. What do I write? How do I start? Would it be rubbish? And those thoughts became louder than the thought to write, the thought to just give a go and put typing to screen and go for it. Then at the same time those negative feelings came another big feeling - that feeling of not being good enough. Why bother trying, youíre not going to be good enough? What will I type - itís just not going to be good enough.

But then, another thought appeared, and another then another . Why not? Why not just go for it? What is it you want to express? What is it you want to say? By saying nothing, Iím sure to keep staying silent and staying where I am.

And this is really what I wanted to write and say that no matter what any of us are feeling and thinking and going through right now we need to remember although it may seem and feel like it, weíre not alone. No matter how much negativity worry sadness and tragedy surrounds us right now, there really are those wanting to support, to listen and to relate to. All we need to do is go for it and to reach out and support ourselves and each other, to be kind to ourselves and each other. After all, why not?

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