Taff's COVID-19 advice
Posted by SANE
29th Apr 2020

My name is Taff. I am a dancer, SIA Operative and graduate in Hospitality Management.

COVID19 has really changed the dynamics for me. As a result of it, I have not been able to work, and therefore earn money. Because of the field of work I am in (0-Hour Contract), I am not usually entitled to benefits, such as paid leave, sick pay and so on.

This has left me feeling very vulnerable and stressed. To take my mind off the situation, I occasionally dance and and learn new skills. However, this has been very difficult because ‘self-isolating’ easily gets me distracted.

In order to overcome this issue, I constantly make to-do lists. This helps me stay focused and keep on task. It is also something I will recommend to others because it allows you to forget about the situation at hand and focus on the ‘most important things’.

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