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Posted by varnxiii
7th Apr 2020

so it started August the 14th 2019. Was pretty happy up until then, yes life was hard, having 2 young girls 3 and 6 at the time, also living with my mother in law, we got on so it wasn't so bad in that sense. My relationship with my wife took a hit though, not being able to be a proper couple really did it, I started smoking more and more, which led to less and less intimacy between me and the wife, though like I said it was hard with her mum around anyway.

So back to the 14th, my youngest girls birthday. Went to my mum's for her birthday, near the end of the day I said to my wife that if she would like a night off and have a nice relaxing night before her birthday the next day, which she took.
I get home the next day to find out she had gone out with some of our friends that night and got quite drunk. Guess you can see where its going now, well all day felt off, as did going to bed.
Well a few days later she says she needs a talk so off we go, she tells me she's cheated on me, not sex but she has cheated. We go home, she goes to a hotel, next day she's back,im taken to my mums and thats basically it. She spent a week deciding if our family is worth keeping together which she decided against and now its 8 months later and I am still in love with her, seeing my kids for a day and a half every week. This is crushing me, everyday I get a little bit closer to driving off and not coming back.
At the moment my kids are keeping me here but I don't know how long that will last. There young, they will get over me dieing and the ex will just replace me......

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