Mental health poem
Posted by becky22
28th Feb 2020

This is a poem I wrote about mental health

Itís ok to not be ok

A person may appear fine on the outside but all may not be as it seems
For no one can ever know, just whatís going on behind the scenes

A person may come across as bubbly and confident but in reality feel lost and alone
They may worry about being a burden and wonít make their worries and anxieties known

A person may appear to have everything, a good home, nice family and a career at its peak
When inside they feel like things are falling apart, theyíre losing hope and feeling weak

They may seem a strong person, their inner struggle they may be afraid to share
They may feel people donít want to listen, that no one really cares

We donít know someoneís thoughts and feelings, we donít know what goes through their mind
So we should think before we speak, it costs nothing to be kind

For words can be powerful, peopleís lives can be impacted by what we say
But most of all we should remember, itís ok to not be okay.


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