My long journey to correct diagnosis & treatment
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23rd Jan 2012

‎15yr old diagnosed with depression & prescribed happy pills,,18 diagnosed with post traumatic stress happy pills dose doubled,19 diagnosed with long term post natal depression,27 years old diagnosed effective bipolar disorder with symptoms of OCD,psychosis,paranoia etc,treatment given riperadol,a sleeping tablet,cnt remember name of :/ and antidepressants as im susceptable to depressiveness,also deeming lithium unsuitable.I experienced what i remember even now was what i guess was feeling "normal" emotionally happy without being hyper and sad without being manic.My memory of this period is 1 of the best mentally.Then i was rocked at the age of 32 when i was faced with my daughters life being consumed by her eating disorder,which influenced the begining of The Purple Ladies of which im leader & founder fund/awareness raising Mental Health Illnesses. Condensed intro x

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