not again!
Posted by myheadspacerace
24th Feb 2020

Its been a few months since my last blog. So much has happened. I shall start with Christmas. Visited family and had the worst Christmas ever. I got bullied and harmed. So, I kept smiling through the sadness and subsequent sore back and knee. Drank so much a fish would be proud. Although that carried me through I was waiting for the comedown. Being depressed I knew how the alcohol makes depression worse. Thoughts of self-harming and days in bed was my vocation over few weeks. But, I did not self-harm. I was lucky enough to have an appointment with my Psychiatrist. So I anxiously divulged my feelings and my situation. Although, I was hiding something. I think its called hypersexuality. Anyway, This has the aftermath of the mother of all storms. Well, for me at least. Its happened twice this year. So, here I am waiting for a letter to come through the post with my March appointment hopefully brought forward. I just hope that I get taken seriously. I really want help with my emotions and I know there are the services that can. Anyways. As I lay on the couch feeling better from this cathartic distraction I now sign off, expectedly hoping for a letter through the door real soon.

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