Just #bekind
Posted by cjbx
20th Feb 2020

A crowded room but you feel so alone,
The mask you wear, the transparent conviction of your tone,

The walls are closing in and the darkness is growing,
The smile on your face is strained but the pain isnít showing,

The world is judging, all eyes on you,
You tell everyone youíre fine, and you convince yourself too,

People reach out and say they care,
But the door closes and thereís no-one there,

You worry about becoming a burden so you shut yourself away,
It becomes a stretch just to make it through the day,

Your mind is at war, let the battle commence,
The pressures on and it feels so intense,

You hang on every word they say, a paranoid mist,
Another symptom to add to their misinformed checklist,

Youíre a statistic, a faceless campaign,
As you slowly start to go insane,

How did this happen? When did it start?
The ice-cold fingers caress your heart,

Your veins silent dungeons empty of life,
Your eyes motionless ghosts as your mind yields the knife,

No-one can hear you scream as you drop to the floor,
They step over you, so you cry out some more,

Itís too late now. The world hangs its head,
A million possibilities of what might have been said,

The message is clear, so just #bekind,
Because you never know when youíll fall victim to the prison of your mind.

Cara Jasmine Bradley ©

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