my daughter is self harming
Posted by brigette
16th Jan 2012

I discovered my daughter had badly burnt her arm last june, since then she has cut scratched and burned various parts of her body, but she wont discuss it with me, I have taken her to the doctor, spoken to the school counsellor, taken her to support centre, she just tells them she is ok and can handle it, but she is becoming more and more isolated from family life She spends time on her own, wont join in with outings, shopping trips, walks etc, she avoids me especially.
She says she cuts herself with her pencil sharpener, and she hides it by doing it in places I cannot see, for instance a the moment she is cutting her feet, I know this because her sister questioned her about marks on her foot and she blamed it on the kitten! She doesn't want me to tell anyone about it, family etc and not her dad, we are divorced.
I dont know what to do, I can't sleep because I keep worrying about what she is doing, I dont like leaving her alone, I wonder whether there is a hospital or somewhere she can get help? I just want my daughter back! She is 14. Any advice out there?

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