Excerpt #6 of Lynn Crilly's 'Hope with Depression' - Recognising depression in a loved one part two
Posted by SANE
24th Jan 2020

Recognising depression in a loved one – part 2

Once your attention is drawn to some of the initial personality changes, you may gradually notice other behaviours starting to emerge, which are out of character for that person. As depression is an illness of the mind and cannot always be seen, the person’s disordered thoughts may be more difficult to detect initially. So once again, the person’s behaviour and overall demeanour can play a crucial part in recognising something is not quite right, thereby potentially leading to early intervention.

Some physical signs and behaviours you may start to notice include the person:

  • having trouble sleeping, such as waking intermittently
  • eating less or more, and their weight possibly showing quite a marked change
  • seeming to lack energy
  • having a dip in their sex drive
  • having unexplained aches and pains
  • seeming to do things more slowly or even speak more slowly
  • in some cases, displaying irrational and even delusional thoughts, seeing or hearing things that other people cannot
  • breaking down in tears for seemingly no reason or in unexpected situations
  • seeming to find day-to-day life difficult, perhaps not eating or washing properly.


It is important to say here that just because someone is showing some, or all of these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean that they have depression. As a loved one or care giver, I would advise you to use your own intuition to guide you in identifying whether these symptoms are typical of the person you know or are somewhat out of character for them.

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