trying to appreciate the good in my life
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11th Jan 2012

For a long time i have had depressive episodes.

Right now i am fed up because i don't have or feel i have a purpose in life. I am a Mom to one little boy who is 6 and yes i am the most selfish person who can't appreciate him or feel that she has a bond with him. I try to play and get on his level but i keep on going bac to the same general feeling of what is the point.

I do feel happy sometimes and i am also trying to turn it round as lately i feel spiritusl in the sense that i need it my life to escape emotionally and help me through the dark times. I have been reading Louise Haye affirmations.. I also believe that if you think negatively then basically u reap what u sow and this is what u are asking from life...Sometimes i can go really high and put these thoughts around my house haha on postits all around, and then other times my moods can hit me so hard i feel suicidal.

I have an underactive thyroid(since birth) so this may add to up and down moods. In 2010 me and my boyfreind had an eptopic pregnancy and we have been unable to catch since( we have been checked out and we are fertile), i need to go and find an interest or some freinds that take me away from the house... I also feel that if just one thing happened it may get us out of this rut. Feel very lonely at the moment its a nightmare. Thanx for listening

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