The inspiration behind 'Hope With Depression' by Lynn Crilly
Posted by SANE
13th Jan 2020

This blog was written by counsellor, self-help author and SANE champion Lynn Crilly about her journey leading to the release of her newest book in the Hope series, 'Hope with Depression', out on 20th January.

“I have been writing books for carers of those suffering from different mental illnesses since 2012, after my career as a mental health counsellor started. I specialised in those suffering with eating disorders, primarily, anorexia nervosa and OCD, after one of my twin daughters suffered with this most terrible illness herself. My first book, Hope with Eating Disorders was released in April 2012, I received messages from people all over the world from South Africa to Australia, it gave me the faith that I could help many more people than those who come to see me privately.

I have since gone on to write other books covering subjects such as self esteem, eating disorders, OCD, anxiety and many more. I decided to write Hope with Depression (due out on 20th January 2020) after experiencing this isolating mental illness myself. It is so important for those surrounding someone suffering to be aware of the vital signs to look for and to be armed with knowledge and compassion.

I hope this book can help the many people affected by depression and those caring for them.”

In celebration of its release, Lynn Crilly has kindly donated 7 books for us to give away! For your chance of winning a copy, head over to our Instagram page, @charitySANE, and check out our most recent post.

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