Finding my Voice at last
Posted by lrotherh
1st Jan 2020

I was diagnosed with Bipolar in 2003 and sectioned for a month in a Mental Hospital which saved my life. Over the last 16 years I have suffered from 8 further psychotic episodes ending up again in hospital. These have been in a state of Euphoria , losing full rationalization of the mind and bouts of paranoia along with being scared out of my wits. I have managed to bounce back numerous times and now have coping mechanisms and daily practices that I maintain to stay well. These include exercise, meditation, mind-set coaching and mindfulness which I love. I have now finally managed to talk out about my experience and have self published a book a few months back. Which is called 'Life as a rollercoaster', available on Amazon. This talks about my childhood with being bullied along with physical and mental abusive relationships, my diagnosis of Bipolar and now what I do .. It also talks about my family perspectives and my manager at work. I am so passionate now about talking about Mental Health as this has really helped my overcome my fears and emotions and made me a better person. I encourage people to share how they feel and don't keep in bottled up. I explain in my book and I think a combination of hiding from the truth and other experiences led me to my diagnosis of Bipolar. I also donate a percentage of my books sales to SANE charity as their work is so important to help raise awareness and reduce the stigma around Mental Health. All I can say is that you can and will get better and the fact I have written a book to share with the world shows that it can be done. There is hope..

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