Anothrapologist on Marz
Posted by brightsky
13th Dec 2019

I have been blessed with both Autism, Bipolar, and a loving father. We have recently been reading books about both Bipolar and Autism. He says my personality has changed drastically since I was a child, but on reflection, and after much research it makes sense.

I was suffering more from the depressive episodes as a child. I was bullied a lot, excluded. I felt awful, and wanted to die but didn't know what to say to my family. As the bipolar progressed in my teens I started getting manic symptoms.

My reserved quiet personality shifted, as my mood elevated. I was still depressed, but experiencing mania at the same time. I said things I wouldn't normally say to strangers. Reached out to more people. I talked too much. Bipolar appears in teens most of the time, and overrided my low tolerance for people making me seek out interaction where I wouldn't before.

I feel recently I have been staying inside a lot. Reading. Watching films and videos... and I am HAPPIER. I have been low for a long time since suspension from my uni following psychosis. But I think remembering what my personality was has reassured me that my antisocial behaviour is natural for me.

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