Posted by nicknealuseche
14th Nov 2019

Up to four months ago I lived in Colombia, South America with my Colombian wife and our two teenage children. We moved there nine years ago when we had both list our UK jobs and I was offered a job there.

I had adapted to Colombia but felt unfulfilled with my career there and so made the decision to return to the UK. I am an engineer who has worked in sustainability for a long time but ended up becoming a teacher in Colombia and managed to get a job in the UK in a private school.

It has been hard coming back. My wife and kids are still in Colbia but the plan is for them to come over in 2020. The job I am doing has been difficult and I have felt really depressed, unsure if my decision to return to the UK has been the right one.

I almost resigned from my job with the idea of going back to Colombia, but in the end have decided to stay. I really miss my family. My own mother and father have passed and although I have many brothers and sisters my closest brother died of cancer three years ago. Into the mix of stressors I also have an autistic son. My family is settled in Colombia and I keep on thinking that bringing them back to the UK could be a huge mistake.

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