Wasted life
Posted by lovebites62
5th Nov 2019

My name is Gregory I am a 57 year old male living in the United States, I suffer from depression and on the other hand I'm a Christian I just wanted to reach out to let others know in this world there's nothing worse than a wasted life, God put us here on this Earth for a reason and to not realize this reason or find out why and how you are here can be debilitating with feelings of guilt self alienation and isolation.
I never wanted to suffer depression it just always seem to be looming over my head even though I had many accomplishments in life and was successful at times through my depression I have lost touch with my family my children and live a life of lonely solitude thinking of hurting or killing myself daily but could not ever bring myself to do this being a Christian, I hide this from people because it's very embarrassing to me I'll exhume a sense of stableness and responsibilities on the outside but inside I am a crumbling mess it just feels good to get some of this off of my chest, and know that there are other people out there with the
same feelings and could offer any advice I fear leaving this Earth without having any accomplishments or helping others in any way I have quite a lot of empathy for others and I hide a lot of pain and loss in my life, losing three siblings in a short. Of time has affected me somehow I lean on God for my support and sometimes it works and sometimes it feels like it does not it's an endless merry go round that will only end with my death but I do not want to think about this constantly I just want a little happiness and contentment in my life.
Thank you

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