Daily Diary October 9th 2019
Posted by darkana1999
9th Oct 2019

Today holds a mixture of feelings...

- I have been asked to take on the supervisor role at my job. This is a privilege and I have accepted the offer and start my training next week. I love the fact that all my hard work and commitment has paid off and has gotten me noticed out of all the other girls who work there.

- My eating disorder is fully in control today. I have been looking at the calories in anything I fancy eating then always decide not to eat it. I am feeling weak physically, tired and torn. I want to look after myself so that I can perform well at work and in life in general but I want to be thin sooooo bad!

Today's Calorie Intake:
2 cups of PG Tips Tea with Semi-Skimmed Milk = 26 Calories each

That's it...

There is so much temptation but I am consumed by anorexia. If i eat then I feel like I either need to burn it off or punish myself by cutting.

I don't know what to do or which side to take. It's like having the angel and the devil on my shoulders.

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