Anxiety Sucks
Posted by leahmartine
2nd Oct 2019

Anxiety sucks.

Iíve been through absolute hell and back with anxiety and depression Ė it really has taken over a whole lot of my life.

I canít remember when I first started getting depression or anxiety, I must have been quite young and it just progressively got worse over the years, for a number of reasons that Iím now aware of. Iíve had therapy, taken medication, some worked and some didnít. I felt numb but so emotional, weak and unable to control my thoughts. It would make me feel (and still does sometimes) like I couldnít leave the house, like I wasnít capable of anything, like everyone was against me, like I wasnít good enough, the list goes on.

The worst for me however, was definitely social anxiety. Iíve always had good friends donít get me wrong, but I was so shy and timid when I was younger, I was picked on a little.. and I never had the backbone to prove my worth, if that makes sense. I especially felt insignificant around girls, I felt ugly and like they were all so much prettier than me. This feeling lasted years and just made my social anxiety worse, as I didnít know why or how to deal with it, or why nobody else around me felt like I did. I felt like I wasnít good enough to be friends with anyone Ė seriously.

I actually wet myself a couple of times in primary school, as I was too scared to get up in front of the whole class and go to the toilet.. HOW ridiculous!

But I mainly want to share with you how Iíve managed to get through a lot of these battles and take control of my mind to think with a different perspective, the smallest things make the biggest difference when it comes to your mind Ė and trust me Iím still learning so much about myself in this respect.

Everyoneís different, and I canít just tell you what to do and BOOM itís gonna work Ė but I have a very complex mind, almost like Iím fighting against myself a lot of the time and what Iím sharing with you manages to work so..

BREATHE Ė youíre still alive, listen to yourself breathing.. Youíre here, thatís all that matters.
MEDITATE Ė I canít stress enough how much this has helped me, itís like cleaning your mind. You wouldnít go a day without showering, so why go a day without cleaning your mind? Itís the most important part.
READ Ė inspirational books, listen to podcasts about mind control. I would seriously advise the watching The Secret, itís on Netflix and was pretty much the beginning of me realising that IíM in control, nobody else.
LEAN Ė on family, on friends, your partner. A few of my close friends donít necessarily get mental health, but they have listened and tried to understand Ė and thatís enough. Talk, talk about how you FEEL, talk about everything you possibly can to get it off your chest, people will listen to you. This really does do a lot for your mind, more than you would imagine.
SEEK Ė what you really want in life.. Seriously just concentrate on things that make you smile, even if itís one small thing a day, DO IT.
EXERCISE Ė in whatever style at whatever level you like. This is obviously good for the body and helps you concentrate on something other than your thoughts.
EAT Ė well, eating well affects your mood so much, just eat organic, eat your GREENS and PROTEIN.
DRINK Ė less alcohol, more water.
SOCIALISE Ė with friends, you donít have to do this constantly, just at your own pace, whatever works for you. Listen to good music with them, talk about things you LOVE and adventures you wanna go on, donít moan and bitch. I know itís a battle just getting out of the house, but when youíre there, it distracts you and helps you feel loved.
SELF AFFIRMATIONS Ė Iíve saved this ítil last as itís the most affective. Itís taken me a while for it to really come naturally but itís so worth it. So.. Say to yourself EVERY morning, how grateful you are for 10 things in your life Ė say this and really try to feel the gratitude. If youíre in a situation that has made you feel negative, flip your thoughts around, for example: ďThis Uber is going to make me so lateĒ Ė try calming your frustration and just saying to yourself ďEven though the traffics bad, Iím still grateful I have the luxury of someone driving me to where I need to beĒ
I know the above may seem a bit weird to some of you right now, but itís not weird Ė Itís exactly how we should be and the only reason weíre not is because we have been Ďprogrammedí since birth, to think and act in a certain way and many, many situations have affected your perception and actions along the way, making you the person you are today.

Current affairs and society donít help at all, but hey Ė we canít control ANY of this, so you just have to find a way to be happy in your own world Ė nothing else matters.

So all 10 things Iíve listed WILL and I guarantee will change your mindset Ė mixed together itís like a magic potion of fulfilment. So if youíre seeking to change the way you think, change the way you see the world Ė then just give it a go, what have you got to lose?

Iím going to be writing more about mental health and mindset training soon!

Thanks for reading,

Love Leah xx

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