Celebrate Doodle Day, National Fitness Day and International Week of Happiness at Work
Posted by SANE
27th Sep 2019

Celebrate Doodle Day

Doodle Day is September 22. When I was younger, I loved to Doodle. Most of the time I would Doodle when I had free time during school. I would doodle all kinds of things from houses, to dogs and cats.

Doodling can help with stress and anxiety. You can even doodle what your stress and anxiety looks like. I know that when I was in therapy I would do this and it helped me feel better.

You can also doodle your goals and dreams. For me I would doodle an airplane to represent my goal to travel.

Be sure to grab a pad of paper and doodle! Happy Doodle Day everyone!


International Week of Happiness at Work

International Week of Happiness at work is September 23rd-28th. There are many ways to be happy about work.

  1.       Be thankful for the job you have. It has been a hard lesson for me to learn, but I miss my temporary job I had back in 2015. It wasn’t the best job in the world, but it gave me a paycheck and something to do.
  2.       Give a small gift to a co-worker. If you see a co-worker having a hard time you can brighten their day by either buying them lunch or bring in a small treat-such as chocolate or a gift card.
  3.       Learn a new skill. Sometimes learning something that can be applied to what you do for work can help you expand your career.

Happy International Week of Happiness at Work everyone!


National Fitness Day

September 27th is National Fitness Day. Fitness can benefit your physical and mental health. Lately I have been doing some fitness videos at home. I feel better about my physical and mental health. I feel that I have more energy and less depression and anxiety.

One of the best things about fitness is you don’t have to go to a gym to get active. You can simply go for a walk around the neighborhood. Going for walks is one of my favorite things to do when the weather is cooler.

Be sure to get active on National Fitness Day! 


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