My Three Tips To Help Celebrate National Relaxation Day by Amanda
Posted by SANE
16th Aug 2019

My Three Tips To Help Celebrate National Relaxation Day-by Amanda

National Relaxation Day is celebrated August 15th. To help you celebrate this day here are three tips.

  1. Spoil yourself by buying yourself a special treat. This could be anything from buying some bath soap to add to your tub for a nice warm soak to going to a movie at a local theatre. Anything that can help you relax from day to day stress would be a good choice.
  2.  Relax before you go to sleep. Sleep is important for our mental health. It is important to try to relax before sleep. You can try reading or listening to soft music if you need help relaxing before bed.
  3. Spend time enjoying a hobby. I love to read as a hobby, and I can read for hours and be relaxed from stress that I feel.
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