Not how I thought it would be...
Posted by corky
10th Aug 2019

Hi, my name is Steve and I will be 62 in November. In May of this year I was made redundant from a company I had been with for 20 years. I gave 100% and did not deserve to be treated this way. In my opinion the powers that be neglected the business and allowed it to fold. I got my redundancy package with 12 weeks notice. At first I thought "Great, no work tomorrow" but that soon faded as the reality of "What happens next" kicks in. Jobs in my chosen field are few and far between. So I am bottom of the pile at 62 years old. The plan was that my mortgage was paid up by the age of 65 and I could retire at 66. My redundancy pay takes care of the bills till just after Christmas then if I haven't found a job I have given myself 3 months to sell up and downsize . I love my house. I have good family around me but I hide my problems and fears well. I find myself just sitting and thinking. Going over how things could have been, should have been. If I could go back and change things I would. I have always been a drinker but lately I rely on it more than I ever did. I don`t think I am depressed just confused. What did I do that was so wrong.

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