Mirrors, Masks and Moods
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6th Dec 2011

Why does it...

..always begin with Love.

I'm not sure when or why I have no capacity for love. I feel it intensely inside me trapped behind a floodgate. It trickles out sometime and crashes against the shores of life. I've tried to share it with others but to no avail.

Its funny how love has such a great impact on our lives and when you cannot share what you feel inside because of the overwhelming fear or just cannot show it without overwhelming someone else what do we do.

I don't know when the spiral began...

I have taken all the roads of life. Work, Play, and Procreation. I would say I have successfully traversed their deepest chasms and climbed their epic hills. I have no idea when it begun but I know the end is coming soon.

I have given all I can give and those around me have taken my last breath. What do we do when there is nothing left.

Its funny how life's proverbial cup can feel so empty but also overflow with the pain of the love you have to give. When the emptiness is nothing you want to share; you hide. You recess into yourself and fuel that empty fire with all the hate and fear and all the negativity that surrounds you. You take it into yourself in the hope to protect the ones you love.

There it is again...

Back were we started. Love. It is indeed a many splendored thing with such joy and passion but it breaks us and destroys us. Slowly, secretly, and without remorse. It leaves you broken inside.

An empty home that fails to shelter us from the crushing pressure of life leaves us without sanctuary. The facade we hide our faces with shatters when we return home. An abject reminder of the truth. A place where love once dwelled but is no more.

Where is the turning point. Where is that light that shines. Who is there. What is Love.

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